Wikia Fae - Zefir in custody

Dyson: A serial killer, serial cop killer, no less. Caused me a whole heap of paperwork, but then get mixed up in Bo's cases . . .

Kenzi: We never met this guy - well, not until Sheri had gone all 'Ginsu Girl' on his ass, so I don't think it really counts. A real scuzzball though, from everything I hear, an ill wind, if ever there was one.

Hale: I know I'm not as old as some - hey, chill, guys - but when it comes to police work, I was figuring in thirty years I'd pretty much seen it all. This 'Hand of Glory' thing though, that's a whole new level of stomach-turning every which way. Proof, like I needed it, that law and justice don't always manage to get on the same page.

Lauren: Sometimes I get so caught up in the reading, I forget their are damaged souls out there doing the practical research. I presume, from what Bo's told me, that this was as justified as such a thing can be. Still not sure that's enough - or that it should be, for a healer.

Bo: I'm so glad I arrived late to this party, because if Sheri had asked me if what she was doing was OK, or even tried to do it when I knew what was going on . . .  I think I would have to have stopped her.

Trick: The times when I'm relieved judgement is no longer mine to render - this is one of them. I wouldn't hesitate . . . but that doesn't make it - or me, right.

The Morrigan: So - bourgeois, and entirely inelegant. I have nothing against thinning the ranks of the enforcers, but crudeness is utterly unappealing ... and counterproductive, overall. Give them enough weapons, the warriors - take care of themselves, and do so with a certain primal artistry.

Vex: A 'uman with the roight idea. Verily, wonders shall never cease.

Aife: So petty, from every angle.

♫And he can see no reason 'Cause there are no reasons What reason do you need to be sure♫ What can I say? I hate cops like Garfield hates Mondays.