Wikia Fae - Will introduces himself

The rumors started straight off, but I was one of the first to meet the unaligned Succubus, and she was impressive. Mind you, her pet human was pretty scary too. It's a good thing I had something she needed, the Succubus, I mean. All these 'let's get to the violence' Fae, they've never really grasped the value of information.

Kenzi: This guy was Pepe Le Pew without the looks - or the accent, come to that.
Wikia Fae - Will's son Michael meets Bo
I was all for scragging him, but in the long run I'm kinda glad we didn't. Bo got the very first piece of the puzzle that is her identity from this pungent butterball.

Bo: I didn't know what to think when the furniture started combusting, and the smell wasn't helping any either. Still, Will knew something about me, where I came from, and for that I could put up with most anything.

'Tis our own fault, perhaps, in part at least, but being so elusive has given folks grounds, as they see it, for making up all kinds of claptrap about us. If but one in ten of the legends about me had one percent truth, a far richer man I'd be than I am, not given to hiring detectives, as I'd have need of a security detail of my own on a permanent basis.

Trick: I might have known such a one'd be the first across Bo's threshold when she went into business - as a PI, no less.

Hale: Girl's barely hung out her shingle an' she got her first customer. Not the brightest or best, but we all gotta start someplace.

The Morrigan: A bumpkin the Light are welcome to. The stench alone makes him worthless - or less.

Kenzi: I heard later how these things used to like mislead travelers into swamps 'n' stuff. If I'd've known that from the start ...