Wikia Fae - Wayne showing Bo around campus
Wikia Fae - Wayne summoning his friend
Whatever other people think, I'm not a bad guy. I'm just doing what it takes to make it in this world, looking out for number one. I know some bad people maybe, but hey, who doesn't?

Bo: First impression - a stuffed shirt trying to keep up with a shiny badge that was too big for him. The kinda guy who bitches because somebody got a chance he didn't, but not strong enough to get up off his ass and earn an opportunity.

Kenzi: I always though if you cut this guy straight down the middle, and Dyson gave it the old 'college try', bless him, he'd have the words 'Ginormous Tool' etched right through him.

Dyson: Before the psycho scientist, this is the one time in probably the last two decades I can remember being glad to let the wolf off the leash to hunt something classified as human.

Trick: I sometimes think Bo is busy blaming all the bad on Fae, she forgets how dark ordinary humans can be. Not that we can't, mind, but there's plenty to go around.