Wikia Fae - Wai Lin demonstrating her ability

Hale: I really misread this lady, and as a cop, I've learned normally not to charge into places where I don't know the lay of the land. Books and covers, I guess.

Trick: It may be foolish, or the vanity of an old man, but there's something particularly about Dyson knowing of my - indiscretions that bothers me, maybe because he doesn't feel moved to make emotional mistakes himself. The gift of the Norn indeed.

Dyson: I sometimes forget about Isabeau, and then the pain comes pouring out of Trick in a fresh torrent, and I realize - he lost her yesterday. I can't imagine . . .

Kenzi: Hale was telling me, at one of our weekly 'Sidekick Solidarity' meetings in the Dal, about this chick, and I would so never have pegged her as Trick's type. I mean, the way he talks about Isabeau, it's like there could never have been anyone else. Still, the world's a fascinating ride, you know, and variety's the spice of life.

Dyson: I've never, that I can remember, been closer to setting the wolf on someone for just words than when she ripped from me my true feelings, or rather lack of, for Ciara. It wasn't a plan, but for a split-second I had a vision of my upright self, still bloodied, burying the body.

Bo: Most Fae, the powers are 'meh', especially compared with what I get from being a Succubus, but this one . . . I mean, to be able to compel truth when you need to know it - wow!

As a dealer in truth, I have long since learnt to distinguish honesty and full disclosure, neither of which is it in me to  - draw forth. Whatever the wolf-man thinks, his words were his own, the extent of revelation, precisely that which his subconscious felt he needed to face. That he would have slaughtered the messenger was inscribed upon his face. An excessive response, as I merely open the way.

Ciara: I don't know what happened here, but the gaps, the chasms in Dyson's account were almost deafening. Still, do I want to go there?