Wikia Fae - Vex's unsought guestiness
By name and nature, naughty and in need of . . . well, that'll keep 'till we know each other a little better, waddaya say? Still, nice of you to drop in. I'd offer a cuppa, but the nightclub dun't really run to that, so why don't you grab a glass of whatever takes yer fancy, and we can 'ave a bit of a chinwag, eh?

Best ice-breaker's . . . me, I reckon. I'm a looker. No, I know what you're thinkin', but that ain't the way I meant it - I mean I look into things. I pay attention. Only way to know what to target, really. Movin' bodies is easy, no real trick to it, but getting'em to place themselves where you want'em, now that's an art.

I'm a seizer, an' all. No, not a megalomaniac with delusions of standing, I mean I take every opportunity comes my way, an' make several more.

Bo: Owing my life to a maggot would be preferable to being indebted to this creep - but we've saved each other a couple of times, so there's a danger of it becoming a habit.

Dyson: The pain in the 'arse', the fly in the ointment, the spanner in the works - every imaginable flat tyre on the road to success has been rolled up and given a pseudo-Fae form. If I wolf out, I can take him, Mesmer powers or no, but seeing how that would start a civil war - and I've already once been falsely accused of murdering a 'mate' of his - I'm left baring my fangs and bearing it.

Wikia Fae - The makeup buddies

Kenzi: Vex has a double-pump, smudge-proof mascara technique to die for. Some of the other stuff . . . but hey, anyone that good with makeup can't be all bad, right?

Hale: You know how some cops say they could go out happy if they could just nail one particular guy? Never understood that 'till I met Vex.

Trick: A timely reminder there are worse alternatives to The Morrigan.