I guess being someone's lucky charm isn't all bad, but sometimes I wish Beka could take me seriously, at least for a short while. On reflection, purple probably didn't help.

Harper: I can't believe I knew her real name, you know, during the bright, halcyon days of Harper 2.0, and it just squirmed away, like a fish on the riverbank, back into the vast ocean of my ignorance. Urgh! So close!

Dylan: In Command School they go on and on about the 'X-Factor'. Never knew what it looked like before.

Rev Bem: Our little bushel and light, always twinkling through when we most need her.

Beka Valentine: Stuff - quirks around our little purple pal, but practically always in our favor.

Tyr: The sting and scope of this sprite should not be underestimated; nor her potential, in any dimension.

Rommie: I have ceased all unspecified scans. The data is - egregious.

My people - are so not. Rotate to fit ... the sentence, I mean.