Trick: I never wanted any Fae to be mindless drones, and these grey, implacable enforcers are the worst thing to come out, in our dimension at least, of my Blood Law. Blood really should manifest with more passion, although they are ... sanguine. Another example of the universe giving me exactly what I asked for, which is nothing like what I wanted.

Bo: I always thought the problem for - oh, hell, us - Fae was unbridled passion, but I guess these guys show the danger of the other extreme.

Vex: 'Ow, I mean how can you torture somebody that well, and not enjoy it? Where's the sense?  These shrivelled-up prunes of the Fae system of order, god they get on my tits! An' not, ya know, in a good way, or even a memorable one.

Aife: No souls, none I can feel, no unanimity possible, just a cold, dead singularity of purpose.

Hale: I listen to these guys talking, and the first thought in my mind is, 'One Love' they ain't. I read this fantasy book by this Brit once, Pratchett, here there were these floatin' hoodies that were the 'Auditors of Reality'. Now I know why it gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Dyson: When I gave up my pack, and drifted law-wards, I was always concerned I might go too far. Now I know what that looks like.

Kenzi: Being around Fae, scared comes and goes real regular, but these creeps leave me looking constantly for the bathroom like no-one else.

Approval matters not, nor liking. Compliance is all. Understanding is similarly an irrelevance, the search therefore a distraction.

Trick: Order shouldn't breathe - the two don't go together.

Bo: When I faced the Garuda, I was pretty much convinced I had filled my lifetime's supply of hating, but these things bring me to a whole new complex of depths.

Kenzi: In Hogwarts terms, these guys give those Dementors a run for their money every which way. Soul-sucking leeches, the lot of 'em. Also, where do they keep this 'one mind' they're all of? Is there like a shared custody agreement, or something?

The Morrigan: I never expected to find something to which the Light was preferable. Weird world. Decidedly not dull, though, even if they are.