Beka: You know how they say, "never get into an ass-kicking contest with a Heavy Worlder"? I wonder how that applies when you are a Heavy Worlder - or in Dylan's case, half.

Harper: I really should have met our guest before I worked on Rommie - it might have made me more ... generous.

Dylan Hunt: I think the fact that I never really gambled with money occasionally blinds me to the predictable - like all our guests come with heavy baggage.

Telemachus Rhade: It's odd to realize that everything you've been taught, inculcated with, about your superiority derives from one simple fact - we know so little of the universe.

Trance Gemini: I'm fascinated by how much, and little, he sees of the greater patterns - and then what he feels.

Rommie: It is perhaps - bizarre for a machine to have any manner of epiphany, but I feel I finally comprehend completely why AIs cannot be left entirely to our own devices, to make only the stochastic choices. Even numbers are subject to entropy.