Wikia Fae - The Norn as Dyson first meets her in the modern era
The wisdom of the Sisters and the care of the Tree - these are mine. Others would exploit, foreshorten, worm their way like rot into the very fabric of existence were it not for my diligence. Always seeking to pervert the natural patterns, impose their own puny wills on events. I am the care-taker, and as such my stewardship has encompassed endless failures, even where they got what they thought they wanted.

They have no true vision, even the Fae, no understanding of how long the ripples last, or how often the peaks and troughs can cancel each other out, only later to coincide and build to the power of a tsunami. They think and speak of time, even the powerful ones, as though it mattered, as though anything that must could somehow not come to pass.

Always they forget, or do not fully comprehend even as they kneel, that they come as supplicants before the Tree, and humility becomes such a one. In arrogance of ego they demand, and think what they chose to offer should slake the needs of eternity. They know not, feel not the warp and weft, the living, pulsating fabric of the cosmos, nor how the fixing of one path necessitates the perpetual blocking off of so many others.

Dyson: A witch in every way anyone has ever conceived, including terrible power, and the one who ripped from me my capacity to love Bo, and so my capacity to love, period.

Wikia Fae - Kenzi taking a chainsaw to The Norn's Tree

Kenzi: Me and the Norn, not exactly part of the same book club - or time zone, or . . . anything really. I don't get her, don't wanna get her, and if I see her again, I may do some serious deforestation just for the heck of it.

Bo: Number one with a bullet, maybe silver, on my list of 'women I've never met but hate anyway'.

Trick: I sometimes feel I've failed Bo, in the sense that I've never got across to her how many other things besides Fae there are in the Fae world. It's not just us and humans. Still, the Sisterhood and I had a tacit mutual non-aggression pact, so it gets - complicated. Almost impossible not to get entangled in the wyrd-ness, being a Fae.

The Morrigan: Don't you just hate to see power - real power - in the wrong hands? Gods, what this old biddy could do, what I could do . . ..

Vex: What a bloody waste. Coulda been a decent lookin' skirt, or a powerful hag, but as it stands, she ain't one thing nor t'other.

I am chatelaine of the keep of Knowledge, for what is wisdom but the refined essence of such? Roots must be protected, pruning is an occasional necessity.

Aife: The weak link, since the chains still bind the mistress.