Wikia Fae - Bo not crossing the threshold

Trick: As Fae evolve into their powers, long after the relatively straightforward, for most, decision of Dark or Light, there comes the Dawning,  a new threshold upon which we embrace our identity and powers, or else sink forever into an abyss of rampant ego, becoming monsters of truly terrifying power. Most of the survivors among the UnderFae are the casualties of this process.

Bo: Being a Succubus has thrown some seriously weird, horribly harsh stuff my way, but I can't remember anything that's been this much of a pain in the ass - except my mom.


Lauren: I've heard of it, of course, but the Fae normally keep the Dawning shrouded in such deliberate mystery that, though I'm obviously worried about Bo, the scientific side of me sees an unparalleled opportunity.

Kenzi: Haven't we just been to this carny? Seems like only yesterday Bo was fighting for her life (and mine) against Snake-Tongue Boy and Mr. 'Seriously-Needs-A-Manipedi'.

Dyson; More than ever, Bo really had zero idea what she was getting into with this, and Stella - well, let's just say 100% of her focus wasn't on the grand-daughter.