Wikia Fae - The Dal as met

The boys' first round

The watering-hole and communal congregation point for Fae of both monochromatic shades, as well as an unplaceable like Bo, the Dal is run by Trick, who, as its proprietor may offer or invoke sanctuary for anyone he chooses. Neutral ground between the Dark and Light, both are welcome unless and until they instigate trouble, and even then sometimes they can override the proprietor's wishes. It is officially the registration location for Fae passing through the area, although this seems 'more honoured in the breach than in the observance' in the opinion of most.

Wikia Fae - The Dal in full swing for Ciara's wake


Trick: The Dal, she's my home. I don't mean just because I have rooms beneath the taproom, I mean, she's the first place I've been able to set aside my burden in a long time. Actually, even that doesn't really apply any more - not since I opened my veins again. The old girl has changed, hardened, become more distant and less comforting . . . or maybe it's just me. Dál Riata is still my roots and entwined in my soul, and before the Norsemen came it was a place of music and culture, of conviviality for Fae and Human alike - which is what I've tried to make my Dal in her own little way.

Bo: I love Lauren, but away from the Clubhouse this is the only place I really feel at home. The apartment was hers and Nadia's - always will be.

Dyson: An  alehouse is the one luxury any merc has to be able to give himself, and being indebted to Trick doesn't stop me relaxing here. Hale doesn't seem to be working through the waitresses the way he used to, though that may have something to do with our favorite human.

Bo: Long before I knew who Trick was, for me I mean, there was a comfort in the neutral status of the Dal, the fact that, at least in theory, it was equally open to Dark and Light Fae - as long as they behaved.

Kenzi: Hate to admit it, but when the crack shack vibe gets overwhelming, this is kinda where I run to. Plus which, I have, top shelf excluded, lifelong forgiveness of my tab, so . . .

Hale: Not too many places a Light Fae cop can kick back, and with the odd exception like Woods this has been my oasis since I started this 'fitting in with the humans' gig.