Cut off from my people, deprived of my family, I strive to remain in essence what the Nietzschean is meant to be - a Quixotic stretch for the unreachable star, the twinkling talisman of perfection. Such fuel as is needed, memory provides ... when it is recollection of hearth and home, at least.

Harper: Ubers really aren't 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to the ego - Exhibit B. Just trying to cram him and Tyr into the same mindspace gives me a migraine, and not a baby one.

Dylan: I know what Nietzscheans can be at their best - and this is pretty much it.

Trance: The human image about 'chalk and cheese' comes to mind when dealing with him and Tyr.

Rommie: It is - intriguing how far this genetic descendant corresponds to CMO Pryatt's psych eval of XO Gaheris Rhade.

Beka: My great-whatever-grandson - that is so mind-bending to try to wrap my head around.

I did some digging into the Earth myths that so inform my people's choice of names and found I am, by predisposition, a counterweight to apparent madness - a notion that appeals to me profoundly.