Dyson: Working with Bo was somehow way different from just collaborating with her on her PI projects. It felt weird and strangely right all at once. The whole package coming with good luck at work as a topping had me waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Bo: I shouldn't have to wheedle and beg for time with my boyfriend, right? I mean, not as a Succubus, just as someone in a, admittedly often semi-, committed relationship. So, when Dyson said he was headed for the woods a-hunting bear, was it so wrong for me to want to tag along?

Wikia Fae - Four's not company
Kenzi: Even in the land of the BFF there are limits to what I should have to go through, and those two's entirely too-P DAs, Hale and me were just like 'Get a shack already'. Still, we got a little side action down, and if they go kablooey closer to the 14th, I'm up $20, so, not all bad.

Trick: I feel like I'm rubbernecking at the mother of all crash sites, waiting for this Bo-Dyson thing to go off the rails. Which it will - in a massive, consuming fiery ball, if I'm any judge.