Wikia Fae - Bo and Lauren Dal test drive

Kenzi: So, Doc Franken-sleazy has got Bo all in a spin, an' it's not just 'putting her through her paces' either. I mean, seriously, does anyone believe in this 'scientific curiosity' crap? Please, they are so into each other - just admit it already. Not Her Detached-ness, though - oh no. Know what I'd like to detach.

Bo: Between the prospect of not being a danger, and the possibilities which seem to spark every time I see Lauren, I'm - not myself, let's say. Whether that's good or bad, time will tell - I guess.

Dyson: Bo's determined to rub my nose in her relationship with the doc - still haven't fully figured out why. It does make the Dal . . . less and less restful, though, not that Trick's a picnic at the best of times.

Trick: Bo keeps insisting on bringing humans in, as equals, and it's changing the whole ambiance of the place. Not that it's all bad, mind, but it can be - disconcerting. Changes enough I've seen, I reckon.

Kenzi; I so wish they'd get a room - just somewhere I don't haveta know about it, ya know? So, totally not hers.