Wikia Fae - Stefan, Ciara and Dyson in the pack

Dyson: Hale, gotta hope, will forgive me for saying so, but he was my first chosen brother. Centuries on, and even without the constant reminder of Ciara, I don't believe there's a day goes by when I don't think about him half-a-dozen times at least. He was the purest soul among us, no doubts, no shadows, no dark depths to his subconscious. Just a driving urge to fulfill his oath, to do right by his liege lord. If only Ailech had been so 'afflicted' I'd never have had cause to leave his service.

Wikia Fae - Stefan receives the fatal summons

Ciara: My husband. The one who brought out, nurtured the very best in me. The one who saw me, not as a key to wealth and the envy of others, but only to the fetters that blinkered his world. He was so amazing, that the memory of him brings no shadow even to Dyson, and Dyson can drape himself in regret and self-recrimination faster than any Fae I've ever met - except perhaps this Trick.

Cayden: Brothers under the skin, in bone and blood - such were we. Ailech's lust cost us more than one pack mate, it ripped at our integrity, left us ripe for the picking off by passions and gnawing doubts of our own. Not that Stefan would've wanted that, nor Dyson to be leavin' on his account, but like the king, he didn't get what he thought he was bargaining for.

Bo: Another of those secret niches of Dyson's soul, with a barbed wire fence and twenty-four hour guard patrols around it. I really thought, you know, after we lost Ciara, he might open up a bit more about . . . oh well, a girl can dream.

Kenzi: OK, so, given how Ciara has, like, annoyingly good taste in guys, and clothes, come to think of it, and ... anyway, not the point. Since she picked this one first, and over D-man from what I hear, he musta been pretty special.

Trick: A good egg, from all I hear - and there's little more I need to know of a man than that. A man with no detractors is truly rarer than diamonds.

Dyson: Read in the roles of battle once him listed as 'O'Brien' - first and only fury I've ever known to possess the lad, that he might fall misacknowledged.

The Morrigan: Such a waste - all that potential for mayhem, squandered.

Cayden: "Men of Ailech" we were, long before any mehums thought to flourish such a glorious tune.

Vex: You can just imagine all these hunky lads, woad and daubed up - and all they could think about was killin'. It's enough ta make ya weep, I swear.