Wikia Fae - Sheri arguing her case to Dyson
I know there's people who wouldn't, can't condone what I did, but the man was a murderer, several times over - I guess you can take your pick as to which man you think I mean.

Kenzi: OK, so, her mom lied to us, and her too come to that, trying to protect her, but I figure that's what mom's meant to do, you know, protect. Anywho, she's like a seal-shifter, I discovered, and for that she needs her pelt, which was where me and my bestie came in -  well, more her than me in the end, but I was cheerleading all the way.

Hale: That girl could move, but there's always been something kinda - slippery about seal shifters to me. They're like Lokis that way.

Bo: Sheri was the case where I really, fully understood I wasn't ever going to be living in Kansas again, no matter what. That option was off the table, permanently.

Trick: They're hard to peg, the sea folk, changeable as the tides, but their love of the wet stuff is constant - kinda like Kenzie.

Dyson: I sometimes forget there's more kinds of us, shifters, I mean. I just can't imagine transitioning into anything but the wolf.

The Ash: Light Fae sometimes appear not to recall, at least in the moment, how much they endanger us all with these selfish flits across the border into 'enemy territory'. The unaligned is still seen as one of us, when it suits Dark propaganda so to do.

The Morrigan: Twisting can be done so much more - elegantly than this coarse abduction and coercion.

Aife; They flit through the water - would that they had stayed there.