Wikia Fae - Olivia the Fury in the Dal
Wikia Fae - Olivia firing up

Bo: It's a weird kinda prejudice, but the Fae with names straight out of mythology, like these gals, intimidate me some. They've got a long lineage, and no doubts about who they are. Mind you, I suppose the same's true for Hale, but he's had my back more times than I can count.

Wikia Fae - Giselle and Ada, hackles raised
Wikia Fae - Samir, Olivia and Bo
When I met them, though, it could hardly have started better. Olivia and her equally drop-panties gorgeous husband were looking to come back to my place, and Dyson had a ringside seat for our departure. Win-win. Given how Furies worked for the Greek gods, bringing insanity to anyone who pissed them off, maybe I should have seen the warning signs.
Wikia Fae - Ada attacking Bo

Kenzi: Watching Bo strut - and she was workin' it - out of the Dal, I really thought the full sexual healin' was beginning. Goes to show what I know.

Hale: You know what they say about 'Heaven' and 'rage' and all that literally whack-a-doodle? The DOWGs, sometimes they knew what they were about, ya know?

Trick: As if to show self-image has nothing to do with what others see, these three willingly and vociferously picked the Light. Then again, there may be atonement involved ... or aspiration.

Dyson: Our side ... well, it's not always as clear as the Light.

Lauren: Very clannish. Wouldn't let a 'mere human' anywhere near one of theirs, even when they were severely ill. Sad really - they would definitely have rewarded closer study.

The Morrigan: Yet another set of blind souls, striving for what they could never truly be, mistaking light for illumination - and welcoming warmth.

Bo: Let's just say I will not be belting out any renditions of "My Way" any time soon, OK?