Wikia Fae - Nate being brought home

Kenzi: Nate's the reason I've like always had a thing for musicians. So sue me - I was six, and he was, still is, gorgeous. Sending him away nearly broke my heart - but watching him die would have. Nate's . . .  what might have been.

Bo: In most ways, it's hard to picture anyone less like Kenz than Nate, but he was a free spirit, and passionate, and for the rest, well, I guess opposites do attract, huh? I mean look at me and the oh-so-precise and sciency doc.

Dyson: A stand-up guy, from what little I saw of him, but way, way out of his depth dealing with the Fae. Of course, he didn't know he was, but I'm not sure that didn't make it worse.

Hale: Something about this boy was - off, you know what I'm sayin'? Not Dark, and fo' shizzle not powerful, but outta whack somehow. He kinda wanted to be with Kenzi, but it always seemed he needed the music more. Getting mixed-up with artists is a sure recipe for heartbreak, that's all I know.

The Morrigan: Intriguing - in a Fae I'd almost be tempted to call it taste, but we're dealing with the Succu-bitch's human. Still, surprising potential, and talent. A morsel ... worth consideration.

Trick: Given his obvious gifts - for a human - I was actually considering employing him in the Dal as a troubadour ... musician, I mean. My mind suffers anywhere near Kenzi.

it was a shock, seeing Kenzi after all these years - and they just kept coming. Talk about "She's not the little girl I once knew". Then again, wasn't a guy on the football team could give me the chills like that Bo she's living with, so ... ah, hell, what do I know? Music's where I live, and it's always been a mobile home.