Wikia Fae - Mayer in his establishment, negotiating

You know, sometimes, I look at what's left of my bloodline, and think, 'Why me?' The universe's way of getting even, I guess. I got a nephew with the brains God felt it wouldn't be fair to saddle dreck with, and a niece who dresses like a shiksa, and when she does say something I understand, invariably it gives me agita.

Now, let's get something straight, right off the bat. I don't make people unlucky. I take their luck, and the absence makes them unlucky. But blaming me is like saying cows make holes in fields. They don't, they just provide the necessary space and cause for new growth.

Bo: My first encounter with a semi-tolerable Dark Fae, although the rest of his family - sheesh!

Dyson: A Dark Fae of his word, and the spirit of his word. Wonders may never cease.

Kenzi: OK, so the old codger had a thing against talking 'business' with humans, but he did right by Bo, which makes him a straight-shooter in my book. A sight better than some of the supposedly Light, I can tell you that.

Hale: Never been in his place, never plannin' to go, 'cos the way I see it, you're on a hiding to nothing all around. Either he sucks your luck, or some Dark Fae bruiser follows you home and makes life suck some other way.

Trick: Like me, he remembers a time when the divide between Light and Dark wasn't a chasm, just an enduring choice. Unlike me, however, his place at least seems to turn a fair profit.

Cassie: So, like, high-strung is way short of the mark, when it comes to my unc. He's just - what does he call it? - oh yeah, kvetching, like the whole time. And he's, like, always so hyper about my look.

Donovan: He can't be all bad, given that Christoph really liked him - and there weren't many of us in that category.

The Morrigan: Again, a borderline case, one who seeks out the twilight. A useful revenue stream, nevertheless.

Aife: Slippery, untrustworthy - except where he is. Old-schooled.

Cassie: So, Unc is, like, totally half past ten-se, an' I'm like, "Chill pill, dude. They're like Viagra, only way better for you and just, like, not so gross, okay?"