Wikia Fae - Heidinger in her prison jumpsuit

Bo: If there's an 'unresolved feelings' page in my diary, with my mom's picture plastered all over it, then this name is on there too.

Kenzi: This was the chick who was supposed to dish the dirt on Aife, or 'your mom', as she was known at this point.

Dyson: Typical Dark book-keeping - the file didn't even list what kind of Fae she is. Not a Mesmer, that I know, but precious little else.
Wikia Fae - Lou Ann plays Lazarus

Trick: This was a can of worms I really thought I'd buried deep enough. No such ...

Hale: Ya know, there's times I feel like walkin' up behind Bo and slapping a high school style sign on her back. In this case, it woulda been "Be vewy, vewy qwiet!".

Aife; Grist - and nothing more. Less, perhaps - chaff, in the main.