Wikia Fae- Lachlan resisting Bo

First knockback

As one who's always been into, and of, deep waters, I find the 'Land of the Lochs' bit most fitting. Not that I've anything against Padraig, mind, or Donal, Seamus or Eamon, or any meet name for a good mac hEireann, but the idea of Viking blood in my veins does inspire me, on occasion at least. I've not the flaming, fiery locks of my forebears, but I do have the warrior, some would say berserker, spirit.

Still, a man in my position - one who's lost his brothers, I mean, nothing to do with titles - learns to appreciate the moment, and who's in it with you. Bo, now there's a lass who makes her seconds count. I've gone the fifteen rounds, and I can't remember a tougher opponent, nor anyone I'd rather was in my corner. She even turned down being my champion, only to set herself up as my partner. Not that she hadn't a right, mind, all she and hers have done to fight the Garuda, but, well, it's not the Fae way. let's say.

Bo: 'Slippery' - it's the first word that somersaults to mind when I have to discuss this Ash. He's a natural-born slitherer, with all the snake-like qualities I suppose I should expect from The Naga.

Wikia Fae - Lachlan's hidden arsenal

Kenzi: OK, first off, he has a wicked set of teeth - I mean, even freakier than the fanged-out Dyson.

Hale: Me and Dyson, we're pledged to The Ash direct, not just in the vague way of all Light Fae, so when Lachlan beat me in the Stag Hunt, life just got a whole lot more complicated.

Trick: Not a man I always agree with, a creature I wouldn't cross, and a leader I respect - a combination without precedent in my long experience.

The Morrigan: I didn't feel like I was totally wasting my time with him - which is saying something. There was far more  . . . 'sensible pragmatism', let's call it, a willingness to make acknowledged sacrifices, and unlike every other Ash I've ever known, he didn't need the Light to like him at the end of the day, only follow him to the ends of the earth. With Vex constantly breathing down my neck, I know how that is.

Lauren: Where the magic might 'reside' has always been an aspect of the Fae that fascinated me, but above all with Lachlan I wonder about the seat of Light/Dark. It doesn't appear to be the conscience.