Wikia Fae - Lá Síochána in the Dal
Kenzi: Fae Day, we call it, me and my bestie, but apparently it's some big thing in the ethnic Fae community, remembering the peace, yadda yadda. Kinda sounds like Yom Kippur to me, but whatevs. Oh yeah, it's Gaelic, so that kinda-not explains the 'no connection between spelling and saying' thing. And apparently sometimes you can put a 't' at the start - just for the hell of it.

Bo: So, due to the prohibition against Fae on Fae violence and power use, this is the day for getting it on across party lines, so to speak, which should make it mega Succubus-friendly. Still working on that one.

Trick: 'Tis meant to be spiritual, but who has time for that in this day and age? And I suppose, on one level, even a temporary 'peace' between Light and Dark does commemorate what happened. Still, it saddened me to hear that the Banshee's to-do list for the day boiled down to 'get paid and get laid'.

Dyson: For once I didn't have to make up any excuse to get Bo's company, even Trick could see my hands were tied on this of all days.

Siobhan: I was just minding my own business, providing soothing mood music, when all of a sudden my day is wrecked by a message from the beyond. They have, like, no sense of timing.

Sean: So there's this wail, and the next thing we all know Trick's saying all but the Five Families, out! Now, there aren't so many of us that I don't at least vaguely recognize pretty much every face there - except this sorta pixieish lass with black hair, who's giving me the once-over.

Ciara: I remember on Lá Síochána 1945, my husband, Ailech, got so drunk he tried to explain the idea to a bunch of humans. Seems they retained some of it though, and their VJ Day celebrations were a sight to behold.

Stella: Very much what the Fae were always intended to be, I feel - co-existent.