Wikia Fae - Kenzi Shaman Czigany

"Shaman Czigany"

Kenzi's pretty much all I took from my old life but . . . whatevs. I mean, the Russian comes in handy, and the fact that I'm not too attached to a name can be a plus - I guess. How we met, me and Bo I'm talking about, well, that was a doozy. I mean, a girl's gotta make a living, right, so I was Robin Hooding it in a bar uptown when this guy comes up with a drink and a lame-o line, but the drink's free if I swallow the line, which I managed (gag!), and then I thank him, which means he's only focusing on one hand and the other comes away with his wallet. I do the TTFN routine, but even as I leave the room, my legs are going their separate ways, and by the time I hit the elevator, well, I hit the elevator, and slumped. Bo, lucky for me, tags along behind, and when Roofie Boy gets ideas, she stops him - cold. Left him with a smile on his face though.

Bo: Kenzi's . . . unique is the best place to start. I've never met anyone I trusted like I do her, Dyson and Trick included. She's kind of a juggernaut, which is why I ended up handcuffing her to the stacks when I went off to face my mom. She just doesn't stop, or think, if I'm in trouble . . . which is kind of troubling.

Dyson: Bo's strength impresses me, but I don't think I've ever known a more powerful statement than when Kenzi took the chainsaw to the Norn's tree. Granted, a lot of it was for Bo, but still more for me, and - I'm beholden.

Hale: I think the world at large has got it ass backwards about who's sidekicking for who - just sayin'.