Hale: This girl, these girls, flip a coin, know what I'm sayin'? anyway, Katia, she is all that. Superfine and twice most of the time. She's got this twin, Karen, can take the whole thing up fourfold, if you know what I mean.

Dyson: At one stage, I really thought I was going to be hearing about this woman every day for the rest of my working life, which as a Fae could be a depressingly long time.

Trick: Hale very nearly talked me into hiring this girl - or maybe it was the sister, I forget - as an 'entertainer' for the Dal. Just goes to show, endless repetition of anything can turn your mind to mush.

Kenzi: I swear, Hale brings up this chick just to bug me, any time I suggest humans are just as good as Fae.

The Morrigan: A load of Castor and Pollux, in my esteemed opinion - there's nothing these four can really do better than one competent Dark Fae.

Bo: If I ever didn't need to know what Fae get up to, this is one of those times. And yes, there may be a smidge of jealousy in there - so what?

Lauren: The possibilities. Hmmm ....

Vex: Carpe Noctem coulda used 'er - or all four of 'em, come to that. Wonder if ...

Aife: The bottomless waste that is dispersed Faeness. Endless eyes, unbeginning focus.