Wikia Fae - Jesper looking to take Bo out of the picture
Wikia Fae - The impaled but still moving Jesper

The Succubus just slides up, as if seductive and invulnerable were one and the same - doesn't even waste decent patter on me, figuring it's a done deal. I have to say, even knowing its nature, it's fun to watch the bait writhe. I'm turning the table and screws when the little sidekick crashes the party.

Bo: You know when people talk about 'beginner's luck'? Well, I didn't realise it applied to Fae powers too, until I ran into this guy. I'd had problems with other Fae's powers before, but not my own, not with a guy and like this. I mean, the giant bit I could see right away, but the frost took longer to make it to the surface.

Kenzi: This guy was like a bad-tempered glacier, and when I first saw Bo on the table, I was scared spitless she was already toast - an icicle, solid cold, whatever.

Dyson: Even 'second-hand' this guy was chilling, but it wasn't until later I worked out that it was basically the little human who took him out - with a metal poker. That was when I first stopped underestimating our spitfire.

The Morrigan: Never one of mine at heart, so ...

Trick: When we talk about 'the old country', we often forget how many versions there are of that. These are truly from the land that time forgot, the d-eddy in the timestream.