Wikia Fae - Jenny confronted by Olivia
Wikia Fae - Jenny's true colours

Kenzi: We kinda got into a groove of helping the helpless, and we let ourselves believe that that was sisters first. This chick really blew a hole in that theory.

Bo: Among the Fae, I think I was beginning to judge books by covers, and I learnt my lesson the hard way this time.

Dyson: When a man drives into a hail of flaming skulls, I've learnt it's best not to ask too many questions - even as a cop.

Hale: I've been around some creepy folks in my time, but none as originally, girl-next-door harmless seeming as this one. I mean, the Furies I was kinda countin' on, but this was just from way outta left field.

Kenzi: OK, Bo is never allowed to befriend anyone off the street ever again - and yeah, I get the irony.

Trick: Even among the Fae, there's an origin point for prejudice.

The Morrigan: What a waste! With the slightest skill, she would have been a peerless weapon, so soft as she seemed.

Bo: I'm thinking maybe labels on everybody - including every body. Hey, around here, you simply cannot be too careful.

What's wrong with loving, with wanting to be loved? Devotion, loyalty, these are virtues, aren't they?