Lauren: A leader in the field, with vast resources, an adaptive intelligence, and the ability to find funding where no one else can. How does that add up to megalomaniacal psychopath? I hate it when an accumulations of positives goes rotten.

Bo: Lauren went on and on about him so much, I felt I knew the guy - and hated him. I had no idea how much I would come to hate him.

Dyson: I can't remember, as a man, hunting with more relish than chasing down this monster.

Hale: Proof, like I needed any, that monsters crop up among humans same as Fae. A real sicko, who nearly started a war between the two.

Trick: Strange though it may sound, and twisted as he undoubtedly was, I have a certain - sympathy for Taft. As the leader, you take responsibility for your side's survival at least, and sometimes find yourself making deals and doing things you'd have said you were incapable of.

Kenzi: OK, I am not usually the bloodthirsty one hereabouts, but there is no bacon-slicer slow enough and painful enough to do what needed doing to this guy.

I am a great man, and like all who are truly such - vastly misunderstood. They are the 'conspiracy of dunces', looking to nibble me down to their Lilliputian dimensions.