Wikia Fae - Halima experiencing Lauren's bedside manner

Kenzi: Again the Fae show that there is no niche too gross for one of them to occupy. I know, I know, I'm being unfair, she was a nice lady. But, given what happened, I think I'm entitled.

Bo: Halima made me . . . less judgemental, I think. And she showed me, if I needed it, how good at her job Lauren is, when it comes to people truly in need. Lauren thinks she's not sociable, but she just stores it up, and only lets it out for the lucky few.

Lauren: There are occasions that bring real job satisfaction, and using my knowledge, experience and skills in a case like this reminds me of all the reasons why I got into medicine, not just my indentured, shackled current status.

Trick: Halima was such a gentle soul. In all the Dark/Light Fae conflict, I sometimes forget they are still among us.

Dyson: I hated seeing Bo and Tough Stuff go through this, almost as much as I hated the fact they had to turn to Lauren for help. I mean, what could I do?

Hale; Helpin' out those like Halima - the good folks - that's why I became a cop, hell, it's why I moved away from my family in the first place. Strongest reason, anyhow - best, fo' shizzle.

Mayer: The lady's one vice - a flutter round St. Swithin's. Me, I couldn't bring myself to take the money, even when she lost, which she was good at. Only customer who walked out of my place a net winner, rest her soul.

The Ash: If I were to replicate but one Light Fae to be the whole of my flock, the lady was among the very strongest of candidates.

The Morrigan: There are those, even when they choose the putrid Light, you can't bring yourself to call more than misguided. This was one of the very few such.