Wikia Fae - Esther hiring the PIs
Wikia Fae - Family photos of Gina

Kenzi: Our first PI client - although . . . does it still count when they don't really pay you?

Bo: This sounded like a supremely bad idea when Kenzi pitched it, but as soon as we met Esther, something clicked. I didn't have to be a monster, always hiding or hurting - at least I could focus and direct my anger, channel the damage towards deserving targets, you know. And, maybe, cover the odd bill, or at least drink, while I'm at it.

Wikia Fae - Gina alone and in trouble

Dyson: Whatever con she's running on herself, this was when I first saw that Kenzi wasn't the diva (Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!) she wants, sometimes needs, other folks to believe.

Trick: As soon as I saw the flyers, I knew there'd be trouble.

Hale: It's kinda nice, the way the girls are all street on the outside, an' heart on the inside.

The Ash: My presentiment concerning the unaligned - confirmed.

Esther: Beggars can't be choosers, and these girls were the first folks not to tell me, to my face anyway, that I was just some overbearing mama who'd pushed her little girl away, and to let it go.

Vex: If I ever 'ave, y'know, doubts about where I belong, it's 'earing about moanin' Minnies like this'un that reminds me.