Wikia Fae - Ciara the cavalry

I've known two husbands perish, and felt two loves die within me, but I'm of warrior stock, and though crippled by such blows, I shall not yield. The daughter of Scáthach may hold her head high in any martial assembly, and there's little in Dyson's repertoire, impressive though it is, that didn't come from my teachings.

My husband, my second that is, set up a mercenary company which we ran together, very successfully I might add, and the profits of which have made me a woman of exceptional means. With a less secure man than Dyson that would be a real obstacle - but then again his work partner's a baronet, so he doesn't get easily overawed, thank God. Mind you, we haven't talked, not properly, about what Ailech did. Don't suppose it would do much good to go dredging it all up again now. The Shadow folk are, like the twilight, never fully gone or beaten.

Dyson: Ciara was the only thing I truly left behind when I walked away from the service of Ailech, and at the time, short of slaughter among my brothers, i really didn't see any other way it could go. Never stopped feeling guilty, mind you, and can't describe the tsunami of relief that washed over me when I saw her in the back of Cayden's van. It made me forget all about him, which, given what he'd just done is saying something.

Bo: Dyson moved on from me to a gorgeous, leggy. blonde billionaire - and here's the kicker, she's nice! Oh, did I forget to mention the 'warrior fairy queen' part?

Kenzi: Now, I'm all for girl power, and fightin' for what you want, but against a 'proto-Xena' with gazillions and the looks and dress sense of a supermodel - my girl's fightin' uphill on the slopes o' the Himalayas - fo' shizzle.

Trick: Ailech was - unique, and so was his taste in brides, and the acquirin' of them.