• Jiskran

    Where I see this headed

    October 8, 2013 by Jiskran

    The reason for creating this wiki was an attempt, however doomed, to recreate some of the flavour and freedom of the series, rather than to codify every element. The interpretative, rather than the categorical, at least most of the time. For me a great part of the fascination of 'Lost Girl' lies in the fluid interpretations of characters at all levels, and the way in which they attend to their own needs and the demands upon them.

    When I first saw the pilot, Trick appeared to me a chessmaster more likely to endanger Bo than The Morrigan in her dark array, and being wrong in leaping to that conclusion was one of the first things to intrigue me. How Season Four will unfold I haven't even tried to guess, but to date at least I have enjoyed almo…

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