Wikia Fae - Kenzi and Bo cajoling Dyson

Dyson: It was weird, but despite The Norn's work, for a moment it was like old times, wandering down the street, Bo and Kenzi clearly plotting something, given their silence. Favors for Bo, how can I put this, well, they rarely work out cheap.

Kenzi: So we had this totes reasonable request, but as with anything useful you want from a guy, the subject had to be brought up delicately, you know. We were so not scheming, just - picking our moment.
Wikia Fae - Cayden and Dyson get hosed

Bo; Dyson could care for me if he really cared for me, if you'll forgive the Irishism, I know he could. It's just so frustrating. And then, even my attempt to rescue him backfires. What a day!

Kenzi: What a day! Dyson goes into this whole MMA routine when this guy jumps him literally, and Bo turns the hose on them, ditto, and it turns out his wrestling buddy is an old pack mate, another of his clan of oh-so-delicious wolfboys.

Cayden: It's good to see the rot hadn't set in entirely, that the instincts were still there. His, I mean - I've kept mine honed. Even then, I suppose, I wanted to know if I took the prize, I'd have earned it.

Trick: I never hesitated to accept Dyson's loyalty since I knew that, as a former pack member, he understood exactly what it meant. I somehow forgot that also involved it being - spread out.

The Morrigan: Ailech and his pack, I never understood what any of them saw in the Light.

Bo: It sometimes slips my mind how much, with his enhanced senses, Dyson really does 'live in the moment'. Sadly these moments contain no feeling for me beyond friendship, and no memory of us.

The Morrigan: My hackles rise instinctively, near any of the Brethren. Not that they couldn't be - entertaining, but sadly they aren't.