Wikia Fae - Aife dressed from kill

Starting the spark

Bo: My mom - that's all that matters.

Lauren: Aife has been everything to Bo, foe and friend, destroyer and protector, so I don't know where I stand. In the moment, I guess.

Kenzi: You know that movie 'Mommie Dearest'? Well, they knew Aife, I reckon, 'cos she loves Bo but it is a twisted thing. I  mean, it makes that 'Twig of Zamora' look like a ruler, you know what I'm saying?

Dyson: As reluctant as I am to go near the topic of Bo and Lauren, this one's coated in wolfsbane as far as I'm concerned. Let's just say Aife's had it tough, and she is - a
Wikia Fae - Aife-Saskia claiming Dyson

Test drive

nd leave it at that.

Trick: What can I say of the daughter I failed? I just hope one day she can forgive me.

Tamsin: To hear our lot tell it she's as bloodthirsty as the worst of ours, which may be so. All I've seen for myself, though, is a woman trying to protect her daughter.

Hale: When I consider singin' the blues over the state o' my family - I think about Bo's. These folks got godlike powers and soap opera issues, know what I'm sayin'?