Wikia Fae - The gang propped up by the bar

Saddling up again

Lauren: I was informed of a seeming Fae kill, and passed the info on. OK, I chose who I passed it on to, but that is the job - right?

Kenzi: Ever since D-man bailed on us it has been none to the stop around here. I mean seriously, I have not even had time to make my tab worth forgiving, and we've practically been livin' in the freakin' bar! Hale's been pulling his weight, but the rest of the Light Fae act like headless chickens without The Ash around, and I mean endless squawkin'.

Trick: Normally, with the bar, it's just me come closing time, and I never realized how much I treasure that solitude. Peace and quiet. Kenzi-free time. The prospect of making a discernible profit.

Wikia Fae - The Abandoned make their presence felt

Hale: So, check it - I'm dog-tired, parched and practically hoarse from all the singing they be having me do, and the girlies wanna exercise their 'democratic rights', and gang up to send me straight out again. Who's got a brother's back?

Lauren: My status is so up in the air it's not funny. Until we have a clear leader - basically, a new Ash - I'm helping Bo and her group as best I can, without simply 'deserting'.

Bo: I was all ready to make a fresh start with Dyson, and here he isn't. More immediate problem - it looks as if Lauren's about to give Kenzi a full-scale dissertation on flaying, its rituals and history, if I don't step in pronto.

Lauren: I don't often feel like 'one of the gang' - and this time didn't really change that. I was still only in Bo's eyeline. Not that I care.

Vex: Watchin' the Lighties scurryin' around, well it's ona the best ways ta start a day, I reckon. Squishin' a few's better, mind.

Bo: God, what I wouldn't give for one unbroken night's sleep.