Kenzi: So, it was one of those 'new day, new dawn, new mantra' mornings, or at least yours truly sold it as such, and 'stuck in a running rut' Bo bought it kryuk i gruzilo. Aw, man, this always happens when I get in a 'family gathering' state of mind. Hook, line and sinker's what I'm talking about.

Bo: You know, there are people who think I'm crazy to put up with Kenzi - and just sometimes I'm front of the line.

Lachlan: Got to say, when the Succubus goes lookin' fer a mate, seems she doesn't take to any less feisty than her good self - not if the human doctor's anything to go by, at any rate. Fair bit me head off, she did - and with it the bait. It's still, after all these centuries, amazing to me the damage you can do with a well-placed, and timed, truth.

Lauren: The Ash - my head is still spinning. Not the current dirtbag - THE Ash, dare I say my Ash? He ordered . . . I still can't accept, process . . .

Trick: A lot of history coming up, and quite honestly, it's like the drains backing up. No real good can come of it, 'though I suppose you might call that short-term thinkin'. Cleaning house has to happen, I s'pose.

Dyson: Ever since Bo basically came out against the Ash, I found it hard to know where I stand - and harder still to work out where I should.

Hale: Lines get drawn among Fae .... it's just a matter of time 'till blades and guns. This is gonna get sticky.

The Morrigan: I wonder if I shouldn't give Vex more to do - just to know what he's doing. No, irritated makes him even less - forseeable.

Kenzi: I really have put, like, so much of myself on ice for this gig - but my bestie is totes worth it. Gotta keep that in mind, drag it back center stage, give it a spotlight, and maybe a solo number. Yeah, a real showstopper.

Vex: Oo needs a telly wi' the soap opera constantly revolving around our little Succubus, eh? Right little raver, playin' for every team out there, far as I can tell. 'Cept the one where she belongs, o' course, but that's comin' - one way or t'other.

Norn: Cruel gusts around this one, whipping winds that endanger any and all who stand close.